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Robocar 1601 Electric tractor

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Berg Hortimotive
Robocar 1601
Pull capacity
100 kg
145 cm
69 cm
140 cm
285 kg
- color orange-blue
- with 24 volt traction battery
- with high-frequency battery charger
- with solid wheels
- turning circle 150 cm.
- driving speed manually operated 5 km/h
- driving speed AGV 3 km/h
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The Robocar 1601 electric tractor from Berg Hortimotive is compact in size, but big in performance. This AGV electric tractor has an impressive towing capacity of 100 kg permitting the full automation (so driverless) of your internal transportation. Moreover, AGV stands for 'Automatic Guided Vehicle', and so can be linked to your loading and unloading system.

The Berg Hortimotive Robocar 1601 electric tractor knows which route it must follow by means of an induction technique and embedded cables. This electric tractor also recognizes obstacles on its route, such as boxes, trolleys and people, ensuring that the AGV tractor comes to a standstill in good time. This guarantees safety, so that you can enjoy carefree internal transportation. As this electric tractor is driverless, you can also deploy your personnel much more efficiently.

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