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Pipe rail trolley Benomic 3-scissors

Article code
Selling type
Double hydraulic
Berg Hortimotive
Benomic 3 Schaar
3 Available from 10/25/17
Pipe width
55 cm
Pipe size
5,1 cm
Minimum height
66 cm
Maximum height
440 cm
3 double hydraulic
Lifting wheels
194 cm
180 cm
Construction year
440 kg
- speed electrically adjustable from 0 - 60 meter per minute
- with 24 Volt 110 Ah traction-battery
- with battery-indicator-meter
- with tilt-detector
- with 4x automatic lifting wheels, 2 of these are swivel wheels
- with squared foot pedal
- with steel drive roller and wide flanges of nylon
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If activities are regularly carried out at different heights, then it is a relief to be able to make use of a Double hydraulic pipe rail trolley. As opposed to many standard pipe rail trolleys, with the Berg Hortimotive Benomic 3 Schaar you no longer need to step onto a higher platform, but now you can set the platform to the required height with the scissor construction. This means that you can always work at the most comfortable height.

The platform of the Benomic 3 Schaar pipe rail trolley has a minimum height of 66 cm and a maximum height of 440 cm. Thanks to the electric drive, this pipe rail trolley can be easily operated by one person and can be driven over the pipe rail as well as over the concrete floor. So with the Benomic 3 Schaar pipe rail trolley from Berg Hortimotive, you have complete freedom of movement for your internal transport.

Besides buying a new or used Berg Hortimotive Benomic 3 Schaar, at Steenks Service you can also opt for hiring pipe rail trolleys or leasing them. Do you have any queries about this? Then feel free to contact us.

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