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Disinfection gate

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Steenks Service
156 cm
104 cm
107 cm
-first-person passage through a tourniquet
-aluminum frame coated in standard RAL color
-stainless steel foot support, railing and tourniquet
-with plastic walk-over-surface in foot-disinfectiontray
-walk-over-surface automatically fills by means of the buffer tank
-foot fluid-level is controlled automatically
-to unlock the tourniquet you have to push the buttons in the disinfection-tray simultaneously
-installation works on 230 volts.

Steenks Service advises to use as a disinfectant for the disinfection gate:

VirKon S

The formulated broad spectrum efficacy of disinfectant Virkon can help to prevent the entry of pathogens and combat. In independent tests disinfectant Virkon S proved effective against various viruses, bacteria and fungi. At low temperatures, and hard water with organic pollution.

This disinfectant is a water-soluble powder, and can be used with a mixing ratio of 1: 1200.
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