On location or in our workshop

Repair and maintenance activities can be carried out by us in the workshop or at your location. The major advantage of maintenance on location is that you can operate your machine again in a jiffy. This results in minimum loss of time and also in considerable comfort. After all, your machine does not need to be transported.

Training of external service technicians

Maintenance activities can be carried out across the globe. Our machines are supplied to a large number of countries, and our service is also required for these machines. For practical reasons, some clients have their own service technicians. These service technicians are able to perform all standard maintenance activities, as well as minor repairs. All our machines come with a manual and parts book as a standard feature, upon purchase. Furthermore, Global Horticultural also provides the option of giving training and providing explanations, on location or at Global Horticultural's premises. We train our service technicians, so they know exactly how and when to act with speed and ease.

Order parts

Do you need parts for your machines? Simply order them from Global Horticultural. We can supply parts in a jiffy and you can get things resolved fast in the event of emergency repairs. You can collect the parts from our warehouse or they can be shipped / transported to you.

Make an appointment or order parts

Do you want to make an appointment for maintenance or for repair activities? Or do you want to order parts? Call us on +1-800-668-9567 or send an email.